The AFI Top 100 Movies

One of my ambitions in retirement was to watch or rewatch all of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 movies of all time. I’ve previously seen, at some point in my life, 84 of these movies, but many were a LONG time ago and warrant rewatching. I have my issues with the list (the deference to many very old movies, the lack of the presence of a number of great comedies on the list, the preference for big studio films, etc.), but before I critique the list too much I need to watch all the movies. Watch this space as I watch the films, probably over the next year or two (it is 100 movies, many of them long!)

I will be using the 2007 AFI list, which was their second publication of the top 100 movies. There is also a 1998 list, which had 76 of the same films on it. At first glance, I think the 2007 list is much better, but I will do a comparison of the lists at some stage.

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