#81 Spartacus

1960 was a big year for film with the release of The Apartment (review to come next week) and Stanley Kubrick’s Roman epic Spartacus. It was such a big year that Spartacus didn’t even get a nomination for best picture, in spite of the fact that it now sits at #81 on the AFI list. […]

#83 Titanic

James Cameron’s epic (and I do mean, epic, as it cost a record-at-the-time $200 million to make and clocks in at 3 hours and 14 minutes) love story Titanic signs in at #83 on our list. The film begins with a crew looking for a lost diamond necklace in the wreckage of the RMS Titanic […]

#84 Easy Rider

1969’s breakthrough Indy film Easy Rider clocks in at #84 on our list. The story revolves around 2 bikers from LA (Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper) who make a big score with a cocaine deal and then travel the country in search of first Mardi Gras and then, a retirement spot in Florida with their […]

#86 Platoon

So, I obviously went on a bit of a hiatus from running through this list. I did a little work, explored some other hobbies and generally have kept pretty busy. But, I’m back to the project now. Next up on the list is Oliver Stone’s 1986 Vietnam War drama, Platoon. A young Charlie Sheen plays […]

#90 Swing Time

1936’s Swing Time saw Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing the night away in a musical tale of romance. Astaire plays “Lucky” Garnett, a member of a dancing troupe who is retiring to marry his fiancé Margaret. The opening scene has members of his troupe trick him into having his pants tailored while they gamble […]

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